The Basque Cake Museum

The Basque cake is undoubtedly the best-known and most popular dessert in the Basque Country. In the commune of Sare, at the foot of the Pyrenees and the Rhune, a Musée du Gâteau Basque (Basque Cake Museum) has been opened on the initiative of the Marichular family, offering guided tours of all the secrets behind this treasure of Basque culture and gastronomy.

It retraces the history of this mythical dessert and presents the different stages in the manufacture and tasting of the cake through the ages, thanks to a remarkable private collection of hundreds of unusual and astonishing objects and utensils.

The store, with its "etxekoa" (homemade) products, Basque cakes, macaroons and shortbread, and the workshops in the company of the chef, allow you to take away with you a little of the history and know-how of Basque cakes.

The Museum also has a reception room for events such as birthdays, weddings, communions and corporate functions.

Finally, on the website you can discover the traditional recipe for Basque cake.

The Museum is part of a small hamlet with several buildings: the Museum, the Bodega "Tinka", the Maison Haranea and its terraces, and the large park bordered by the small stream.

The Museum hosts Discovery Tours, and nearby, the Classroom offers gourmet Workshops to learn how to make your own Basque Cream or Cherry Cake. At the end of the visit, the Museum Shop is above all gourmet: you can leave with Basque cakes and homemade pastries, and discover a selection of "certified origin" Basque finds.

The Bodega "Tinka" is the perfect place to end your visit, either with lunch or a drink by the stream.

The Maison Haranea can accommodate groups for lunch (up to 50 people); and the large Salle de Réception can accommodate very large groups for lunches, culinary workshops or private receptions (up to 190 people), with or without catering.



The Basque Cake Museum

Haranea House

300 Haraneko Bidea

64310 Sare

Tel: 06 71 58 056 69



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