The oak tree in its dovecote

It is in Béceleuf in the Deux-Sèvres that you will find this magnificent dovecote which once belonged to the seigniorial house of Pouzay. All that remains of the estate is the terrace, some parts of the château, the outbuildings and our dovecote with its green roof.

Externally, the view is surprising, inside it is even more striking!
For a long time, the man-made building has been neglected, abandoned and has lost the element essential to its survival, its roof.
In the open air, allowing water and light to pass through, the miracle of life occurred by making an acorn germinate and grow from nowhere. Protected by this monumental stone cylinder, the little oak had to grow quickly to surpass its protector of yesteryear and become in turn its benefactor.
With strength and vigour the oak tree overtook the building, extending its crown to all directions... The two monuments, one made of mineral, the other of vegetal, joined forces to resist destruction, the other to resist felling.
It is a curiosity of the Gâtinais bocage.
With a height of 16 m, it is classified as a remarkable tree in 2007 by the association A.R.B.R.E.S.
With 2800 niches or bolts lined up from the ground floor to the roof frame, the Pouzay dovecote could shelter 5000 pigeons.

Of the 5 dovecotes in the commune of Béceleuf, 4 are still standing, including the one in Pouzay which is the only one accessible.


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