" Carchet City ", the Western Village of the Gers

The village of this association of western enthusiasts, horses and pioneer spirit is three kilometres from the village of Aignan in the direction of Plaisance-du-Gers.
Everything is there: the saloon and the Mexican canteen, the skeletons on the facades of the buildings on the street of this reconstructed village of the Far West of 1850.
Visitors can arrive at 11 am and stay until 2 am.
Country music is always there non-stop, either with musicians or live by musicians.
Duels between outlaws and sheriffs take place in front of the saloon.
The village has been open since July 3, 2016 and construction continues.
Open: Friday afternoon, Saturday from 11 am, Sunday from 11 am.
Meals: Cantina Tex-mex, by appointment.


Carchet City 
route Plaisance,
32290 Aignan
Tél. : 06 89 03 67 55.




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