The Museum of President Jacques Chirac

Designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, this Museum presents the gifts received by the President of the Republic in the exercise of his duties since 1995.
Museum of Contemporary History, it offers a permanent exhibition presenting a selection of gifts (150 objects), divided by geopolitical zones and situated in their context: state visits, international summits, private visits...
A very beautiful room of 600 m² is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, the reserve offers visitors 1300 objects in free access.
This space is equipped with interactive mediation thanks to touch terminals that inform the visitor about each object, with the addition of four short films. The file exhibition room is dedicated to thematic presentations on the collection. The museum library, dedicated to the books in the collection, contains 10,000 volumes.
It is a lending and conservation library, offering a variety of books for consultation and loan.
These include books offered as gifts to the President of the Republic, as well as works belonging to the museum's documentary collection or deposited by the departmental lending library.
The animation workshop for schoolchildren and young people is the venue for educational and cultural activities. The auditorium has a capacity of 80 seats and hosts screenings and shows.
The museum also offers a bookshop and publishing.
Parking lot, park, restaurant-boutique.


Museum of President Jacques Chirac
19800 Sarran
Tel: 05 55 21 77 77


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