The Museum of Alembics and Aromatherapy, not recommended for those with a cold

Located in the picturesque town of Carennac, one of the most beautiful villages in France, the Museum of Stills and Aromas offers a demonstration of distillation of rose and lavender petals, the making of essential oils, floral waters of perfumed roses, and aromatic baths.
This museum was created by Georges Fraysse, an alert nonagenarian and a follower of Chinese medicine, who has been distilling for more than twelve years, from mid-July, to remove the essence of flowers.
For a few years, he has also been producing a massage oil based on walnuts, which has been a great success with physiotherapists.

Georges Fraysse bought a 600-liter still in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France, and started distilling. 100 kg of lavender flowers give 1 liter of essential oil... he makes about 50 liters per year.

A museum "forbidden" to all people with a cold.

To see and to smell absolutely...

Open every day


Museum of stills and aroma library
Entrance to the Castle Park
46110 Carennac
Tel : 05 65 10 91 16

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Dr. Richter Premiumdestillen Distillerie modèle « calife » avec corbeille pour arômes, thermomètre et réchaud à l'alcool (modèle actuel, édition premium avec gobelets récupérateurs supplémentaires) Idéal pour la fabrication d'eau-de-vie, esprits et huiles essentielles (hydrolat).

Appareil de distillation d'huiles essentielles de laboratoire 1000 ml avec condensateur Graham

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