Ravary, a miraculous source, Faubourg Bonnefoy...

On the left side of the parish church of Bonnefoy, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, flows a fountain. The installation was realized by the architect Caillebat and inaugurated on May 21, 1944, by Mgr Saliège, archbishop of Toulouse.
A round marble plaque decorated with the Languedoc cross indicates the name of the spring "Ravary".
This is the name of the parish priest who founded the church. The spring was discovered in 1863 while digging the foundations of the place of worship. The water was then drinkable.
The inhabitants of the Faubourg came in great numbers to drink from it. A distribution service was set up in the streets of Toulouse. Sold at one cent per liter, the profits were to be used for the elevation of the church. Some consumers believed that this water had cured them of serious illnesses. They sent numerous certificates for the remission of diabetes, anemia and even urinary diseases...

Dominique Baudis came to inaugurate the fountain, which was put back into service on January 26, 1991, thanks to the dynamism of the association for the safeguard of the parish heritage of Bonnefoy and the participation of the town hall. The water was analyzed a few days later. The result was: "nitrate content slightly higher than the limit, therefore not drinkable water". But for the parish priest, this water represents something else: "The sign of life that Christ continually offers to all. It is an evocation of the water of Lourdes. "

A reconstruction of the Marian Grotto is installed a few meters from the Ravary spring


Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception Bonnefoy

1 Place du Chanoine Philippe Ravary,

31500 Toulouse

Tel : 05 61 48 81 64


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