Ainhoa, all the charm of the Basque Country

Close to Spain, Ainhoa, founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Prémontés monks, is a typical Basque village, classified among the "Most beautiful villages in France".
It is true that it does not lack charm or curiosities.
Charm first of all with its very particular conception which makes it what is commonly called a "bastide-rue".
Indeed Ainhoa is a unique street where traditional houses set the tone.
Ainhoa also benefits from some very interesting curiosities.
Let us mention in particular the church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, an old fortified house with loopholes, which houses an extraordinary altarpiece, a must see. Also worth seeing is the cemetery very close to the church, typical of Basque funerary art, the Basque pelota pediment leaning against the church...
We cannot forget also the chapel of Our Lady of Hawthorn where the Virgin appeared to a young shepherd. Located at 389m above sea level, on the side of the Atsulai mountain, it offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area.
Ainhoa is also a wash house where Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie descended, as well as a Heritage House offering the history of the town on a panoramic screen.
Finally, two events also mark the year in Ainhoa, the Championship of drinkers in Xahakoa and the Festival of the Pigeon.


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