An extraordinary Museum of Sacred Art in St. Cecilia's Cathedral

Located in the former fortress of the Cathedral of St. Cecilia, a Museum of Sacred Art is offered to the visitor.

The former treasure room and archives, the vault, house precious objects and effects from the 14th to the 19th century that belonged to the Chapter.

This vault was intended for the conservation of the archives and precious objects belonging to the Chapter.

Seven niches, intended to house these effects in the Middle Ages, serve as a showcase for the pieces of the Museum of Sacred Art presented to the public.

Thus, one can discover works related to the evolution of the history of the cathedral, the style of the furniture, a polyptych of the XIVth " the Virgin and Child ", the " True Cross " reliquary cross of the XIIth, caskets, sticks, chests...

If the objects conserved in the first treasure room are closely linked historically and culturally to the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia, those presented in the second room constitute a treasure composed of precious objects of various origins, deposited by surrounding communes for reasons of security, preventive conservation or presentation to the public.

All the collections presented have been the object of either minimum conservation work (cleaning, dusting, stabilization) or of a more complete restoration.

Another treasure, the facsimile of the Mappa Mundi, is on display from June to September. Preserved for 1,300 years by the Albigensians, the Mappa Mundi is an invaluable testimony to the history of humanity.


Treasure Room
Saint Cecilia Cathedral
Place Sainte-Cécile
81000 Albi
Tel: 05 63 43 23 43


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