St. Cecilia's Cathedral, the largest brick cathedral in the world

Emblematic monument of the city of Albi, the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia, erected from 1282, is the largest brick cathedral in the world.
It forms with the former Palace of the Bishops, La Berbie an unparalleled and unique ensemble of the Episcopal City classified as a World Heritage Site in 2010 by UNESCO.
Situated on the heights of the city, it often surprises by its "fortified castle" aspect, and its typical south-western style, the Southern Gothic.
Another particularity of this Cathedral, testimony of the Christian faith after the Cathar heresy, it is the only one in Europe whose walls and vaults are entirely painted on a surface covering approximately 18,500 m2.
A true museum of Christian art, it houses the oldest painted scene of the Last Judgment, a rood screen, "real white stone lace", decorated with more than 270 statues carved by the Burgundian Masters, an Italian Renaissance style vault and an organ case by Christophe Moucherel dating from the 18th century whose extraordinary dimensions, 16m40 wide and 15.30 m high as well as the variety of its decorations rank it among the most beautiful in France.


Sainte-Cécile Cathedral
5, Sibille Boulevard,
81000 Albi
Tel: 05 63 43 23 43


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