The rebirth of Caumale Castle

The castle of Caumale, dating from the 16th and 17th century, is located in Escalans in the department of Landes.
It was registered as a Historic Monument on 31 January 2002.
This medieval castle, is surrounded by walls, transformed and opened into cellars.
There are two low towers from the 12th century, the other five towers of the castle are from the 15th and 16th centuries.
The Gabardan, fief of Gaston Phebus, of the d'Albret family, is a hunting ground and Caumale, a castle of defence during the 100 Years and Religious Wars, has always been a refuge for Gabarret, its town and its monastery.
The abbot Devert speaks about the entrance of an underground at Gabarret towards Caumale.
Always inhabited by great travellers, it is known a colonial history between Santo Domingo, Cuba with the Delisle, at the time when "Sire your whole court is Creole. »
The castle was redesigned inside in the 19th century by the same Delisle.
We attend a wedding in 1830 where the friends are Rochambeau fils, Vilmorin, Humbolt...
Its silhouette evokes the Gascon castles of the Middle Ages.
Its square main building has four corner towers, the postern tower, the grain tower, the oratory, the watchtower and the large staircase tower leading to Governor Rochambeau's room.
Pierre and Geneviève Fabre, owners of the castle, have undertaken to restore this historic high place.

Today, the Château offers a sumptuous setting for weddings and other special occasions.


Caumale Castle

40310 Escalans

Tel: 07 71 14 11 59


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