The cave of Fontrabiouse, the highest in the Pyrenees

Built on a very old limestone massif, Fontrabiouse and Espousouille are two picturesque villages of the Capcir.
For centuries, a stream taking its source on the high summits has dug under this massif one of the most beautiful underground passages of France.
Close to Spain, Andorra, neighbor of Cerdanya, Fontrabiouse allows to discover a cave during a fabulous journey to the center of the earth whose visit will lead from galleries to luminous rooms full of magnificent concretions (draperies, stalagmites, stalactites, fistulas, columns, crystals and aragonite bunches).

Multiple concretions, of all sizes and shapes, line the circuit.
The fistulas, like fine organ pipes, are numerous to descend from the vault of the cave. The fistula is the first step in the formation of the stalactite.
It grows one to two centimeters every ten to fifteen years.
During the visit, you can see stalactites and stalagmites ready to join.
They are missing only 5 millimeters, that is to say a wait of ... 50 years.


Cave of Fontrabiouse

Street of Soulanets,

66210 Fontrabiouse

Tel : 04 68 30 95 55


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