"Le Trouve Tout du Livre", the Ali Baba's cave of books

Le Trouve Tout du Livre" bookshop Located in a small port on the Canal du Midi, "Le Trouve Tout du Livre" is a former cellar.

So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

But if you only knew... This cellar houses between 50,000 and 60,000 books.

The 1,000m2 space features works of foreign and regional literature, superb works on the Canal du Midi, viticulture, history, the occult sciences, gastronomy, history, comic strips and children's books, old editions, some of them first editions, and a cabinet of curiosities with old engravings and imagery...

Antiquarian books, first editions and magazines in all formats and literary genres. You'll find comics, thrillers and regionalism in equal measure.

This unique bookshop was born of a crazy dream, that of Raymon Gourgues, who in the 60s, in response to out-of-print books, imagined himself as a "book finder". He began his activity in Paris, and soon worked for the research department of the Hachette bookshop, which put on cards the out-of-print books requested by university libraries.

Then, in 1980, he arrived in Le Somail. The eldest daughter of Raymond Gourgues, Nelly took over the bookshop in 2011, revealing that it started out as a small corridor 16m long and 3m wide.

Then, with success, the site grew.

So much so, that in 2015, François Busnel chose the site to record an episode of La Grande Librairie.


A must-see...


"Le Trouve Tout du Livre

28 allée de la glacière,

Le Somail
11120 Saint-Nazaire-d'Aude

Tel.: 04 68 46 21 64





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