Fontestorbes, the phenomenal fountain

Here is a curiosity, an enigma...
Indeed, the Fontestorbes Fountain is an intermittent fountain.
The river that comes out of the cave cascades for 36 minutes and 36 seconds and then stops for 32 minutes and 30 seconds.
The flow is about 1600 liters per second but can reach, after a storm for example, 3000 liters per second.
This phenomenon is explained by the presence of two successive basins of different quantities that empty into each other.
The passage from almost zero flow to maximum flow takes place in a few minutes.
However, this phenomenon is only observed from July to October or even January, in certain years of drought.
The other months of the year, the fountain flows in a normal way, permanently.


Legend of the fountain...

This unusual fountain has of course generated a legend, which can be read in the document distributed by the intercommunal tourism agency of the Pays d'Olmes.

Like many caves, it would have been inhabited in the past by fairies, called the "Incontados".

They used to wash their cloths in the spring with golden beater. Near the cave lived the beautiful Angela, who had just married, at the "Pierrets" farm. The day she found herself pregnant, one of the fairies, who used to spend the evenings at "Pierrets", asked her to come and give birth in the cave so that the fairies could help her. To thank Angèle for accepting, the fairy offered her a wand that could grant all wishes. Angèle used the wand with great modesty. As a result, happiness did not leave the "Pierrets" for the rest of her life. Feeling that her death was near, she gave the wand to her children and told them not to split it. But everyone wanted a piece and they couldn't resist the temptation. As soon as it was broken, the wand lost all its power.


Take advantage of your visit to the Château de Bélesta which houses the Christian Constant Museum, the Crapahut Adventure Park and the Amarante Butterfly Farm.



Fontaine intermittente de Fontestorbes


Route de Fougax et Barrineuf


09300 Bélesta


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