The Tine waterfall and its legend

In the heart of the Corrèze, there is a magnificent place which is worth the detour: the waterfall of the Tine.

In addition to the attraction that it exerts on the walker, this place also drew its fame from a legend that dates back several centuries, "the legend of the Tine".

Martine, a young girl from the area, often came to live by the water. She was noticed several times by the master of the place, the lord of Vernéjoux who fell madly in love with her. Unfortunately for him, Martine loved another man, a carpenter by trade.

This made the lord of Vernéjoux mad with rage and he felt he had all the chances. He then called upon the Devil and signed a pact with him for revenge.

Shortly after, Martine slipped on the wet rocks and fell into the river and drowned.

Since that day, the site has become the Cascade de la Tine.

The castle of Vernéjoux, which dates from the 14th century, is located in the hamlet of the same name, in the territory of the commune of Condat-sur-Ganaveix.

During your walk, you can also visit several sites nearby:

The abandoned village of Clédat in Grandsaigne
The menhir of Pilard in Bonnefond
The water mill of Chadebec
The Gallo-Roman site of Jaillants


Waterfall of the Tine
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