Les Dragons Occitans, medieval company

Association of historical reenactment and preservation of cultural heritage, the company of Occitan Dragons was created in January 2016.

Its objective is to reconstitute the civil and military life of the Maisnie de Rabastens and of various important actors who passed or played a role in the Albigensian region during the reign of Charles VI.


From 1380 to 1420...
Les Dragons Occitans focuses on the medieval period that covers the reign of Charles VI the mad, from 1380 to 1420, a period rich in events for the Languedoc and especially in Albigensian where the fight against the routiers was fierce.

Far from the traditional clichés about the Middle Ages, this period saw a lot of technological, social and political changes.

The date of 1386 corresponds to the siege of Puycelsi by Gailhard II de Durfort, Sénéchal of Aquitaine. However the company can also reconstruct earlier events.

The association is interested in characters that really existed, of which Pierre Raymond IV of Rabastens is one of the main protagonists.

For its interventions, the Occitan Dragons base themselves on authentic historical resources, archives, archeological discoveries, famous treaties of history...

Throughout the year, the Company travels to medieval festivals and celebrations and proposes several themes : medieval cooking, medieval games, illumination and calligraphy, surgery in the 14th century, beauty and medical hygiene, medieval weaponry...

The Company is located in the medieval city of Puycelsi, stronghold of the Royal Captain, Monseigneur Pierre Raymond IV de Rabastens, where it trains in the handling of weapons, where it patrols, organizes the defense of the city against the English and the truckers.


You can contact the Company of the Occitan Dragons to animate your historical events.


The Occitan Dragons

Le Bourg

81140 Puycelsi


9, route de Teillet

81990 Fréjairolles


President: Tel: 06 61 15 19 76







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