The Museum 'Art of Chocolate of Lisle-sur-Tarn

The Chocolate Art Museum is located in Lisle-sur-Tarn, between Albi and Toulouse, on the Place aux Arcades, the largest covered square in the southwest.

Located in an 18th century mansion, the museum, created on the initiative of Michel and Eliane Thomaso-Defos. is a unique place where visitors can wander through three exhibition galleries, each with its own theme.

The visit begins with a video projection, which will allow you to discover the secrets of chocolate making, from the planting of cocoa trees to the finished product.

The second room presents, like a cabinet of curiosities, the different techniques used to create chocolate sculptures.

As for the third room, it demonstrates that chocolate is a material that allows for a wide variety of aesthetic effects. The sculptures presented have been worked with four hands by different master chocolate makers and contemporary sculptors, such as Casimir Ferrer, Marta Solsona...


In the museum...

You can end your visit with a commented tasting of great chocolate vintages and discover different cocoa terroirs around the world.

In addition to the museum and its collections, the Art of Chocolate Museum has a chocolate store on the first floor, with free access. A gourmet place, you will find there the know-how of Tarn chocolate makers, and a chocolate universe for your desires and gifts.

The museum also offers many animations and workshops around chocolate such as discovery workshops around chocolate with a master chocolate maker (on reservation) and explanations of the steps of chocolate making, followed by the creation of your own chocolates.

These workshops can be combined with a guided tour of the museum.

The museum also welcomes schoolchildren for fun and educational visits.


Museum 'Art of Chocolate

13, place Paul Saissac,

81310 Lisle-sur-Tarn

Tel: 05 63 33 69 79


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