The Estivales du Chapeau de Caussade

Caussade has become today the capital of the hat. The creation of a Festival had become unavoidable.


A little history...

In 1992, Chapeau Caussade, the result of the combined work of several people, in particular Nathalie Gasc, daughter of the president of the OT at the time, who, as part of a dissertation, chose to highlight the hat in a festive setting: "Les Estivales".

The first Estivales took place in July 1993, with the setting up of an open-air factory, a parade of horses and vintage cars, and a first international hat competition. Despite the rain, the event was a great success. The following ones were a popular success, demonstration of hat making, history of the communes having accomodated workers of hat factory, bandas, orchestras, contest...

The Festival becomes international...

In 1998, it was the first European meeting of the straw: 14 European cities meet in Caussade and show their know-how, these impassioned of the straw making hats, accessories, clothing and many objects of decoration out of straw.
In 1999, the second European straw meeting with 16 cities represented, Swiss, Belgians, Italians, English, Irish...
In 2000, first world meeting of the hat. Stephen Jones presides over the jury of the international competition of 150 hats. Milliners from Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia and Europe make Caussade an international city for 5 days.
Since then, every year at the same period, between 50 and 70 milliners from all over the world meet in Caussade where the great parade of the hats of the competition is presented during a prestigious evening with many personalities.


The 29th edition of the Estivales du Chapeau will be held from July 15th to 19th 2021.


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