"L'Art Glacier", d'Ansouis proposes surprising ice creams, with the snail of the Valanques for example

It all started as a joke, a joke...

Initially the Tourist Office of Ansouis wanted to promote the Art Glacier and its new REAL 2019 map, still relevant, as well as the snail of the Valanques de La Motte d'Aigues, new partner of the Office.

The idea was to create an April Fool's Fool, a fake ice cream and to integrate it into the 2019 map of the Art Glacier.

Olivier Perrière, whose reputation of "L'Art Glacier" is well established, his menu already includes 80 of the most unusual flavors, including kalamansi, lavender, sechuan pepper, chilli pepper, rosemary, rhubarb, violet and even poppy, was immediately enthusiastic about this unique and unusual project ...

"Why fake ice cream? The bet is held even if the result is uncertain, we have created with snail from the Valanques previously cooked, chopped, with butter, garlic, parsley and some secret ingredients ... To keep the gastronomic side, we accompany for example the ice cream with a snail shell in a spicy wafer. It is very surprising in the mouth but honestly I like it a lot! »

To make a success of his coup, a world first, Olivier Perrière, surrounded himself with Stéphane Despax, a helicopter farmer in La Motte d'Aigues.

Stéphane Despax, recently settled in La Motte d'Aigues, gives birth to and raises his snails in an open-air park on land left fallow for more than 10 years. Artisanally, he then produces his gastronomic recipes.


The Art Glacier, an ice cream parlour like no other...

Artisanal and family business for the manufacture of ice creams, sorbets, frozen desserts and ceremonial pieces "home-made". The Art Glacier is located in the exceptional setting of the Luberon Côté Sud.

Air-conditioned tasting room, hushed atmosphere, romantic decor adapted to the season, vast shaded terrace, panoramic view on the big and small Luberon, basin with water jet as many attractions of l'Art Glacier.

On order, l'Art Glacier makes ice cakes and all special pieces for your ceremonies and banquets or end of the year parties, ice logs...

Taste ice creams with unexpected flavors, more than 50 different flavors: honey, thyme, rosemary, lavender, melon, many different peppers, hazelnut, poppy, violet, rose, olive, peanut and many others...


In 2020, L'Art Glacier innovates again with a website that offers unique services from a Master Glacier Artisan Manufacturer.



L'Art Glacier

767, Chemin Les Hautes Terres -

84240 Ansouis







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