La Casa de la Vall, the smallest Parliament in Europe

La Casa de la Vall is the seat of the General Council, the smallest Parliament in Europe. It is also one of the oldest...
In 1419, the Council of the Land was established in the former stately home of the Busquets family, which was to become the General Council of the Valleys of Andorra.

The date 1580 appears on an escutcheon on the front door. Built on a rock overlooking the entire valley of the river Valira, the house belonged to the Busquets family. Antoni Busquets, who was the vicar of Andorra la Vella, had it built, as stated in his will dated 1603. Currently, the structure is the same as that of the sixteenth century, but the building has undergone some modifications, the most important being the one made in 1962.
The building, built in 1580, became the property of the Andorran State in 1702.
It was restored in 1962.

Murder pits, machicolations and watchtowers show that the building comes from a time when it was necessary to defend itself.
The gardens house a dovecote tower, a calvary and contemporary sculptures.
On 14 March 1993 the first written Constitution of Andorra was signed, thanks to which the Principality became a democratic and social state governed by the rule of law.

In front of the building, where the precipice of the rock in the valley used to be, there is a square built in 2011 as part of the project for the new parliamentary building. This square offers a clear view of the old house and a splendid view of the valleys. On the façade, on the side and back of the building, there are dates and sculptures that evoke significant moments in Andorra.

The house is open to the public with a guided tour service in various languages.


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La Casa de la Vall

La Casa de la Vall, the smallest Parliament in Europe

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