In the Cabrel family... the brother Philippe, an organic winegrower...

Anyone can listen to Francis Cabrel. You can also go on weekends or holidays in the family hotel "Le Square" in Astaffort and then you can also discover the organic wines of Philippe Cabrel.

"Organic should not be a choice, it's a necessity! "The sentence is clear and he's implementing it.

Philippe Cabrel, Francis' brother is a winegrower.

The Domaine du Boiron is a family estate in Astaffort, which covers more than 9 hectares of clay-limestone terroir in the Pays du Brulhois. Certified Organic Wines, the wines of Domaine du Boiron are full-bodied.

They are trained above all by hand work and by a quality terroir.

In the past, Domaine du Boiron was known thanks to a hundred hectares of vines. Unfortunately, time will take its toll on its historic vineyard.

In 1998, the estate will be rehabilitated and will resume the cultivation of vines and wine.

The Domaine du Boiron produces wines with soft tannins where the natural predominance of fruit is an essential research.

Wines of character that are formed by the soil, the vine, the weather in a natural way.

All this in order to recover the true taste of the wine.

At Domaine du Boiron, Organic Agriculture certification is part of a process of respect for the terroir.

The search for soil quality helps to protect microorganisms and to aerate the soil.

It provides the vine with increased disease resistance and eliminates the need for additional products.

The quality of the grapes and the sugar are of paramount importance. 90% of the work is done in the vineyard before vinification.

The vinification is carried out first of all by regular observation and analysis of the vine, with no other considerations than that of rediscovering the true taste of the wine.

At maturity, the bunches will be cut, sorted and placed in one of the boxes distributed along the rows. Before being dumped into the destemmer, the bunches undergo a second manual sorting. Once placed in concrete vats, the harvest will be kept for 5-6 days at 16° to favour the aromatic expression of the grapes.

Small pigeages will be carried out during this period.

At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, part of the wine will be selected to be aged in oak barrels (Domaine du Boiron); while the other part will remain in vats.



Domaine du Boiron

Route de Miradoux

47220 Astaffort

Tel: 06 32 83 91 08


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