The Museum of Wine Arts and Crafts and its oldest barrel in the world

Château Turcan, in Ansouis, renowned for the quality of its wines, also houses the Museum of Wine Arts and Crafts, with more than 3,000 collector's items!

Covering an area of 1300 m2, this place of culture and sharing invites you to discover the work and pleasures of the vine and wine.

This collection of everyday objects and exceptional items has the originality of covering the entire process that leads from the vine to the glass.

It is presented in several themes:

- From vine to wine,

- The square of the presses

- The lab,

- The cooperage,

- The glassware,

- The gallery of masterpieces.

In addition to tools, you will see exceptional objects: a collection of art glassware (bottles, flasks, carafes and glasses) as well as masterpieces of companions.

The highlight of the visit is, without a doubt, the breathtaking "Carré des Pressoir", a veritable conservatory where witnesses of the various pressing techniques that have existed over the centuries are preserved.

The square of the presses is located under a vast 400 m² hall and brings together fourteen old presses from different periods, from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 19th century. The visitor can therefore observe the technical developments in concrete terms.

Finally, you should know that Château Turcan is fortunate enough to have the oldest dated barrel in the world. Indeed, it was made in 1,432!


Château Turcan
Road to Pertuis,

84240 Ansouis

Tel: 04 90 09 83 33 

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Arts et métiers du vin

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Cette véritable bible dédiée à la vigne et aux hommes qui l´aiment et la travaillent comblera les amateurs les plus exigeants et passionnés. Au gré de ces cent cinquante pages comprenant notamment quatre cents photos, le lecteur est associé à toute la vie des métiers non seulement de la vigne et du vin, mais encore de la tonnellerie, du verre et de la bouteille, ainsi qu´à toute l´imagerie vineuse qui s´étend de l´étiquette aux gravures et à combien d´autres objets parfois insolites.

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