Rue de la saucisse.... rue de la discorde

The vegan association "Peta" wants the people of Issigeac to think about the cruelty of making a sausage. "These people are completely irrelevant," retorts Elma Laporte, the only year-round resident of this small town's alley.

The association advises to rename it "Rue Soy-cisse", in reference to the soy in English.

In fact the sausage in question has nothing to do with the pig.

A resident of the small town explains the origin of the street name. Nothing to do with the culinary specialty.

According to her, it was the nickname of a resident of the street, who lived there several decades ago.

This woman had earned the nickname of "the sausage".

A small affectionate name, which the main concerned laughed about, explains the resident.

"Her name was Suzanne Tessier and the old-timers say that she loved this nickname.

The Mayor of Issigeac, Jean-Claude Castagner, did not appreciate the request of the association and the Rue de la Saucisse does not seem to be ready for any name change.


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