The Hotel de Cabre, the oldest house in Marseille

The Hôtel de Cabre, also known as the house of the Échevin de Cabre, is the oldest house still visible today in Marseille.

Located at the corner of the rue de la Bonneterie and the Grande rue, it surprises the visitor with its imposing facade and its mullioned windows.

Classified as a historical monument by decree of May 2, 1941, it was built in 1535 on the outskirts of the Old Port, a short distance from the City Hall and the Hôtel Dieu, on the orders of Consul Louis de Cabre, an influential figure in the city.

For several centuries it was not too badly damaged.

During the revolution, the revolutionaries destroyed the coat of arms with fleur-de-lis that decorated the house.

In 1943, following the raid on Marseille, the Germans destroyed almost all of the streets along the north shore of the Old Port. A few buildings of historical value were preserved, including the Maison Diamantée and the Hôtel de Cabre.

During the reconstruction of the district, in 1954, the house was moved by one block and turned by 90° to align with the Grand-Rue.



Hotel de Cabre

Corner of rue de la Bonneterie and Grande rue

13002 Marseille



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