When a vineyard becomes a historical monument...

Never seen before... A real first... The State has registered a parcel of vineyard in the Gers in the inventory of historical monuments.
A registration due, according to the services of the State to the exceptional character of the stocks and to the ancestral modes of culture of which testifies this piece of land.
These vines, located in the commune of Sarragachies, would be 150 to 200 years old.
They have resisted attacks such as the devastating phylloxera since the 19th century, thanks in particular to the sandy nature of the soil, which prevents this type of aphid from thriving.
The parcel measures 40 ares, or 4,000 m².
It is planted with very old and ungrafted stocks, endemic to the Pyrenean foothills.
It thus offers "a remarkable example of biodiversity and genetic heritage: 600 vines in twelve rows, about twenty different grape varieties and, among them, seven not previously listed," said the Midi-Pyrénées prefecture in a statement.
"In addition, it testifies to ancestral methods of cultivation that disappeared with the phylloxera crisis," such as planting in double vines arranged in a square.
The vines are mixed together, as in the past.
Their positioning reminds us of the work done in the past by ox teams.
According to the prefecture, this parcel of the Saint-Mont appellation on a hillside facing the Pyrenees constitutes an "exceptional" conservatory of plant memory preserved thanks to the action of passionate professionals.


32400 Sarragachies

Tél. :  05 62 69 74 01



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