The laundries of Valence d'Age

The city of Valence d'Agen is home to three washhouses and maintains its heritage.

The Del Théron wash house is the oldest of the city's wash houses, remarkable for its circular roof.

Its construction must be located at the end of the 18th century.

As early as 1661, the fountain was repaired by the consuls and a stone engraved with their names and the coat of arms of the Lord Marquis of Valencia was erected above the fountain.

There are two stone basins inside, the largest of which is divided in two by a "footbridge". The water is conveyed to the basins through underground channels.

In 1906, the roof was redone. The last restoration was carried out in July 2003.

The Saint-Bernard washhouse was originally equipped with a drinking trough. Its construction, shortly after 1807, coincided with the filling of the ponds in the Plaça, now Jean-Baptiste Chaumeil Square.

To replace the muddy ponds that had been filled in the Place Nationale, the town council considered "it was important to establish a public wash-house and a drinking trough for the horses of private individuals and imperial gendarmes, above the Saint-Bernard fountain".

In 1924, the semi-circular roof was added "to protect the washers from the bad weather of the bad season". Since then, the washhouse has undergone various improvements, the roof and the brick have recently been restored.


The Pé de Gleyze washhouse dates from the 19th century. Built in a more traditional format than the others, it is the only one of the three washhouses not included in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments.


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