The castle of Grandval, in the middle of the water

Situated 4 kilometres south of the village of Teillet, on the side of the departmental road leading to Rayssac, the Château de Grandval is situated in a valley and was originally in the middle of a peninsula formed by the Dadou River.

The old riverbed can still be guessed in times of great drought when the waters of the Razisse dam are at their lowest.

Built in the middle of the 15th century at the request of the viscounts of Paulin, then rebuilt in the 17th century by Jean Bernard, several illustrious people lived there until the 20th century.

The castle, which prior to World War II was a beautifully furnished residence, was then a hiding place for the FFI during the war.

On the morning of 21 June 1944, the Germans led by Lieutenant Fritcher set fire to the castle.

All the interior decoration and roofs were destroyed.

Then left abandoned, the castle was lamentably plundered and then swallowed up by the construction of the Razisse dam.


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