The Castle of the Bloody and Cannibal Countess

To go to Bramevaque is to visit a village interesting for the ruins of the square keep of its castle, its XIIth century Romanesque church but also for its tower of legends...

Because it is really about legends...
Dominating the valley of the Barousse, the tower of the Castle of Bramevaque seems to have served as a muse to many imaginative minds.
A legend says that Marguerite, Countess of Comminges and lord of Bramevaque, married at the age of 12 the Count of Armagnac, a real brute who died brutally.

She was forcibly remarried to another man who was just as bad as the first one, and then married for the third time to a 31 year old man, Mathieu de Foix.

After a period of happy union the husband had Marguerite locked up in the dungeon of the castle.

She remained there for 22 years, becoming a cannibal and demanding the flesh of a small roasted child every day.
One day, for lack of a child, the cook wanted to serve veal.
But hearing the animal's mooing of pain, the Countess took pity and gave up the calf and the cannibalism.
The name of Bramevaque is according to some people inspired by this legend, the cow that bellowed...


 The visit of the castle is free all year round with no time restrictions.


Castle of Bramevaque

65370 Bramevaque

Tel : 05 62 99 21 30


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