Bompas capital of the Snail

The Snail Festival has established the festive reputation of Bompas.

It takes place every year in July.
For 3 days, from Friday to Sunday, the town lives to the rhythm of bandas, aperitifs, barbecues, orchestras and of course... cargolades! Every year new animations are proposed,

Bandas, orchestras, sardanas, aioli competitions, Brazilian dancers... Every evening, the Sports and Leisure Park is filled with bodegas, dancers, musicians...

During these evenings, the city offers its inhabitants more than 160,000 snails! The party ends with one of the most beautiful fireworks in the region.


The cargolade...

If you ask a Catalan the dish that best represents him, no doubt he will answer "la Cargolade".

Cargolade is a typical Catalan dish that grills snails in their shells.

The snails are placed on the shell side, prepared with salt, pepper, lard and herbs, over the embers of a wood fire. Throughout the cooking process, they are filled with melted bacon.

When they stop drooling, the dish is finely cooked and eaten with garlic.


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