The Extraordinary Museum, an astonishing work by Georges Mazoyer

The Musée Extraordinaire d'Ansouis was created in 1975 by Georges Mazoyer, a painter and scuba diver.
In a Provençal building, a succession of medieval vaults form a real showcase for many wonders: fish, shells, corals, happily combined with the witnesses of our prehistoric times... the fossils of the Luberon.
This museum is surprising by the richness of its collections representing more than forty years of passion and diving throughout the world and housing unique creations: paintings, ceramics, stained glass.
When Georges Mazoyer passed away, his family inherited the museum. In the showcases, a female coconut crab knitting delicate cases for her offspring next to impressive megalodon teeth, a giant shark from the depths of time. These fossils tell the story of a Luberon swallowed by the waters ten million years ago.
You can also visit the workshop where Georges Mazoyer created all his works.
But the most extraordinary is the magical Blue Coral Grotto, a replica of a coral reef... It offers a dive to the sound of the waves in a cave planted with corals and aquatic creatures.


The Extraordinary Museum

rue du Vieux-Moulin,
84240 Ansouis
Tel: 04 90 09 82 64


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