The Museum of the Little Train... and of the Car

Created in 1996, the Train Museum of Palavas-les-Flots revives the epic of the railway line that linked Palavas-les-Flots to Montpellier from 1872 to 1968.
The old steam locomotive and its fully restored carriage are "as before" and are the jewels of this museum which also presents a private collection of old railway lanterns.
Palavas-les-Flots is also the city of Dubout.
The museum takes advantage of this and offers 54 drawings on the theme of the Little Train made by the artist as well as 2 large photos of the draftsman on the locomotive, in costume and beachwear 1925, with the boater and the landing net.
Nothing is missing...
The museum is accessible by paddlewheel boat.

Renovated, since 2019, it hosts the mythical train but also a collection of model cars retracing the history, sometimes unusual, of the automobile.

Around the train, 45 showcases present a collection of 5,000 miniature vehicles. Old and rare pieces, but also more recent ones, a treasure offered by Max Pastor, the father of the guardian of the Palavas museum.

All eras and sizes, from the first steam cars close to the train to racing models and vehicles that only existed in the imagination of their inventor, such as Simone, all in carpet and leather, to illustrate the famous expression....

Train Museum
Parc du Levant - Albert Edouard
34250 Palavas-les-Flots
Tel: 04 61 68 56 41


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