The Fecundity Chair

In the Grotto of the Hermitage is dug an armchair of fertility whose influences would be very beneficial...

But a little history...
In 750, coming from Vannes, the monk Emilion, future founder of the town of Saint-Emilion, settled in a cave and built a bed, an altar and an armchair in the rock.
The armchair is intended for his meditation.
In this cave, he would also have made water gush out to baptize the faithful, a miraculous water, which would have allowed a woman to recover her sight.
But a second miracle seems to be perpetuated. Indeed, the Fertility Chair, as its name indicates, would allow some women to recover lost fertility.
The thing can lend to smile however, the Tourist office or the Town hall of Saint-Emilion receive each year of the letters assuring of the benefits of the famous armchair and the birth of a child.

Here are the babies of Emilion of these last years as they are affectionately nicknamed:

> In 2021: Manon, Evan, Augustin, Ugo, Emilio
> In 2020 : Nael, Margaux, Noemi, Violette, Ignatius Jameson, Julia
> In 2019 : Jules, Martin and Maxime, Mattéo Thiên An, Gabriel, Ryden, Emiliano, Emilie, Jenna, Elisa, Maëlle, Emilie and Gabriel-Émilion, Léo, Eloan, Robin, Emma, Déva and Céleste, Felipe, Arthur Emile, Maël
> In 2018 : Lou, Agathe, Arthur, Ines, Oscar, Marcus, Athénaïs, Antoine, Thomas, Nora, Aiyana, Léon, Lisa
> In 2017: Gabin, Zoe, Tiago, Alexandre, Jean, Jules, Paul, Arthur, Elise, Helena, Nina, Frédéric-Emilion
> In 2016 : Frances Emilion, Gaël, Lucas, Naël, Sara, Loan, Isabella, Eugénie, Camille, Arthur
> In 2015 : Léopold, Noémie, Victor, Romane, Estelle, Lili-Rose, Victor, Anae, Gabin, Raphaël, Jane, Marta, Alberto, Alexandre
> In 2014: Ulysse, Emilien, Alizée, Alix, Gaël, Enzo, Lena, Ellia Saverianna
> In 2013: Lena, Darius, Shiori, Anna, Ines
> In 2012: Vittoria Rosaria Emiliana


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Tourist Office of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion
Le Doyenné - Place des Créneaux
33330 Saint-Emilion
Tel: 05 57 55 28 28


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