The Vino griego, a song of Austrian origin

In all the festivities and bullrings, everyone sings the "Vino Griego", which is believed to be a Basque song...
Error, big mistake, it is to Udo Jurgens, an Austro-Swiss that we owe "La Peña baiona" which became the anthem of the Bayonne rugby club and the anthem of the festival.


A bit of history...
Basques hear this music at a beer festival in Austria and take it back to the country where it becomes what we know...
Udo Jurgens, who died on 21 December 2014 after a heart attack in Switzerland at the age of 80, was the author of more than a thousand songs.
Winner of the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest with "Merci chérie", the German-language singer and songwriter was born in Klagenfurt, Carinthia (southern Austria).
He also became a Swiss citizen in 2007.

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Vino Griego

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Vino Griego

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Vino griego Peña Baiona

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Vino Griego

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