The Castle of Love brings luck

In Massat, in Ariège, there were once two castles.
One of them, which belonged to the Viscounts of Couserans, secondary branch of the house of the Counts of Foix, disappeared in the XVIIIth century.
The other one was destroyed in the 12th century, and on its ruins, very difficult to read, one could see the name of castle of love in memory of an old legend.
In the past, in the 15th century, the Château de Massat was owned by a lord who was a great lover of "female flesh".
Legend has it that this lord, wishing to make the people of his valleys happy, tasted everything and thus applied the right of spooning.
On the evening of the wedding, he demanded that the young bride share his bed.
This practice only lasted for a while, as the peasants revolted and burned the castle.
Today, the legend says that the ruins of this ancient castle bring good luck.
It is therefore not uncommon to see lovers, on a stone in the shape of a bench, swear love and fidelity.


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