The Castle of Duras

Built in the 12th century, in 1137 by the Viscount of Bezeaume, the castle of Duras was transformed in the 14th century into an impregnable fortress thanks to the support of Pope Clement V to his nephew and namesake, Bertrand de Got, then owner of the castle.
Then in the hands of the Durfort family, the castle experienced an eventful existence during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453), sometimes in the camp of the Duke of Aquitaine, King of England, sometimes in that of the King of France.
Coveted by the greatest, Duras was erected at the end of the 17th century as a duchy. The fortress then lost its defensive aspect and became a superb pleasure residence, with its stables, its regular gardens, its reception hall (now the "Three Marshals" hall)... It then experienced the splendours of the Age of Enlightenment.


The castle of Duras today

Partially destroyed and looted during the Revolution, it was finally bought back by the inhabitants of the town at the end of the 1960s at an auction.
Today it is one of the jewels of Aquitaine's cultural heritage and a major tourist site in the Lot-et-Garonne because it is not lacking in points of interest.
Through the maze of about thirty restored rooms, the castle presents true architectural splendours: Hall of Secrets, well, Roofing Room, Tower with a magnificent panorama, Hall of the 3 Marshals, ceremonial room dedicated to festivities and ceremonies, kitchen with 100 bundles, the bakery, built in the mother rock which provided bread to the inhabitants of the castle and those of the village when they took refuge there.
Not forgetting the inner courtyard, a courtyard decorated with an Italian-style peristyle. If you look up, you can see the apartments of the duke and duchess.
The dining room and its terrace It is assumed that the duke and duchess came to take their intimate meals in this room. The midday terrace, accessible from the small lounge, offers a clear view of the Dropt valley. It is possible to reach the east facade by taking the now restored covered way.
The Château de Duras is listed as a Historic Monument.

In the basement of the castle of Duras, an ethnological museum bears witness to rural life in the Duras region through the centuries and presents a collection of archaeological finds.


Duras Castle
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