The castle of the Queen Margot, miraculous castle

The Château de Saint-Projet was built on a Gallo-Roman tumulus at the end of the 13th century, when Philippe le Bel gave this seigneury to Jehan de Jeahn, the first lord of Saint-Projet.
This castle will thus remain the property of this family until the Revolution and then return to the family who bought it.
The castle had a tumultuous history during the Hundred Years War when, after the defeat of Crécy, the King of France gave it to the son of the King of England, the Black Prince, and during the Wars of Religion when it welcomed Queen Margot, pursued by the troops of the King of France, on September 26 and 27, 1585.
The room of Queen Margot and its furniture was rediscovered only in 1990, during restoration works.
It had been walled up... after the departure of the Queen.
The Château de Saint-Projet is an exception because the furious King had all the castles visited by Queen Margot destroyed.
It was the only one to remain standing.
During the visit, you will learn the secret of this room...
Later, King Louis XIII also stayed at the castle.
Today the castle can be visited and also welcomes those who wish to spend a few days there or personalized receptions.


Castle of Queen Margot
82160 Saint-Projet
Tel : 05 36 65 74 85
06 83 97 19 63


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