The schoolmaster teaches at Château de Bioule

Bioule is a small village in the Tarn-et-Garonne department where life is good.
The large village had gradually become depopulated with the rural exodus, but now it's steadily regaining its inhabitants, and with them its children.
From 500 inhabitants in the early 60s, Bioule now has over a thousand.
Bioule's special feature is its brick castle, whose construction began in 1330 and is now the commune's public school.
It was purchased for this purpose by the municipality in 1889.
Several generations of Bioulais have benefited from this exceptional and unusual setting to learn to read, write and count.
It's the only château-école in France.
As a direct consequence of this occupation, the château is only open to visitors after classes have finished.


The château...

Built around a central courtyard on a quadrangular plan with circular volumes at the corners, its brick construction incorporated earlier buildings (chapel and quadrangular keep, both Romanesque). The history of the château in the Middle Ages is linked to that of the Cardaillac family, close to the kings of France.
The medieval frescoes in the Salle des Preux and the chapel are the jewels in the castle's crown.


Château de Bioule

8 Rue de l'Église

82800 Bioule

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