Asterix "top sellers" and General de Gaulle at the beach

What is the link between Asterix and General de Gaulle?

They both have the same cartoonist!

Before becoming the scriptwriter for the latest Asterix, Jean Yves Ferri from Ariege had written a comic strip album that came out in 2007: "De Gaulle à la plage" (De Gaulle at the beach).

The character imagined by Ferri initially appeared in a collective comic book collection entitled "Vive la politique", before becoming the central element of the 2007 album.

In it, the author takes up the figure of General de Gaulle in a comic way, depicting him as a holidaymaker, somewhere on a Breton beach, with no political role.

In 1956, while Algeria was in flames and France was going through a serious crisis, Charles de Gaulle was absent from the subscribers.

Tired of the ingratitude of the French, General de Gaulle took a vacation by the sea.

The album is organized as a succession of strips in six boxes.

In other words, 90 gags with one de Gaulle surrounded by his wife Yvonne, their son Fifi, the general's aide-de-camp, Captain Le Bornec, whose name symbolizes for Ferri the patronymic of De Gaulle's Breton companions, notably Flohic, his real aide-de-camp.


The humorous and tender animated series with an offbeat tone, becomes a 30 episode series broadcast on ARTE from November 2, 2020.



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