The Attic of Capou, the den of the "crazy antique dealer"...

Welcome to the " Ferme de l'Âne Heureux " where Raymond Capoulade and all his family welcome you with warmth and conviviality.

Between the Aubrac plateau and the Truyère gorges, the farm and the museum of the Capoulade family open their doors for you to discover antique furniture, presses, ploughing and pit sawing tools, carts, tarares, threshing machines, straw hooks, and other wooden objects, as well as their name and function.

In a specially arranged space, Guillaume Capoulade will tell you the history of all the wooden objects collected by 4 generations of collectors, a true heritage of Northern Aveyron from yesteryear to the present day.

You will also discover a collection of birds' nests presented on a monumental tree, and the authentic Santa Claus' sleigh!

The "Grenier de Capou" is 1200 m² full of thousands of wooden and other objects from our attics and farms in our villages...

A visit commented with humour, love and passion by the owners.

Walls of chocolate boxes, antique two-wheeled, three-wheeled, four-wheeled and six-wheeled vehicles, a bazaar of farming instruments from a hundred years ago, clocks of all kinds, enamel plates with charming graphics, strange things...

"Capou" does not create, it finds, but the whole in evolution becomes a real creation, a museum of art brut. This crazy antique dealer's den will speak to young and old alike.

The whole is an invitation to fantasy but also a documentary mine of objects, images, machines of yesteryear and of yesteryear, where everything blends into an eternal enchantment.

Today, it is the whole Capoulade family that is committed to bringing this magical place to life.

One can also attend and participate in the milking and the care given to the animals: cows, calves, donkeys.


The Attic of Capou

La Crestilie

12210 Soulages-Bonneval

Tel: 05 65 44 31 63


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