The Museum of Handicrafts, Monuments in Matches and Natural Sciences

The Museum from Fontet blends artistic talent and varied know-how from the past and present.
The museum focuses on monuments made of matches, including the Cathedral of Reims, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, but it also displays many tools used in the countryside not so long ago and yet already fallen into disuse. With a very regional bias, the museum also integrates the works of local artists: sculptures, paintings, etc...

A bit of History...
Gérard Gergerès had just turned thirty when he learned that he was suffering from a genetic disease that forced him to stop his professional activity related to iron and hardware.
Fortunately," he says, "I like to work with my hands, whatever the material. I can't say why I turned to matches to reproduce heritage monuments. »
He begins with a small Eiffel Tower, followed by a fortified castle entirely out of his imagination, but which causes a sensation in his entourage and reinforces his choice.
As the disease progressed, he had to move around in an armchair but nothing stopped his desire to build monuments and cathedrals with matches. These small poplar stems that he buys from SEITA before this company decides to offer him its raw material!
One thing leading to another, his talent is recognized. He then meets a local restorer who directs him to the municipality of Fontet and its mayor, Guy Campodarve. who offers him a place to exhibit his works. Works that he creates from plans lent by the curators of the monuments concerned.
With Reims Cathedral, Gérard Gergerès entered the Guinness Book of Records!
The church of Fontet of course, but also the superb abbey of the Benedictines of La Réole and its 150,000 matches and many other achievements ensure him a new notoriety.
But his monument is Versailles! Built on 64 m2 with 455.000 matches during 12 years! Decorated with a play of lights it makes the visitors dream. The photo is moreover exposed in the castle.

During your visit, a guide will accompany you for a visit of one to one hour and a half.
You can also take part in match building workshops by appointment.

Museum of Handicrafts, Monuments in Matches and Natural Sciences
2, lieu-dit Couture,
33190 Fontet
Tel: 05 56 71 21 17 and 06 13 98 58 55

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