The Olive Oil Museum

On June 21, 2019 opened in Oppède the Museum of Olive Oil.

A museum that offers visitors, from harvesting to manufacturing, from the old presses to today's techniques, a real journey around the flagship product of Mediterranean cuisine.

The history, the manufacture and the use of olive oil through time are thus revealed.

A space of 300m2 has been specially designed and an original scenography combines more than 1000 objects and tools of millers from all around the Mediterranean.

"We wanted this museum to bring together all the elements of art and popular tradition concerning olive oil," explains Jean-Pierre Hugues, creator of the olive oil museum.

"The tour was designed with today's expectations in mind. It is rich in multimedia information supports".

Thus, a complete reconstruction of an old oil mill from Monticello, was made to understand all the steps of the manufacture of olive oil in the 1930s.

A multitude of souvenirs of this old mill have been collected and valorized in the Museum.


Olive Oil Museum

375, route de la Sénancole,

84580 Oppède

Tel : 04 90 76 87 76


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