Beaucaire, City of Art and History

Since December 2001, the city of Beaucaire has been classified as a "City of Art and History".

It must be said that it deserves these two qualifiers.

Known under the name of "Urgenum", Beaucaire was founded in the 7th century B.C..

In the Middle Ages, it was invaded by the Burgundians, Goths and Saracens. At that time, the first rampart was built and the castle was enlarged.

In spite of the Hundred Years War and the Wars of Religion, the city became more beautiful and its population continued to grow.

During the Revolution, the most beautiful private mansions, the Hôtel de Clausonnette and the Town Hall, were built.


The heritage of Beaucaire

First of all, you must linger in the historical center and visit the Saint-Paul church, the town hall, the collegiate church Notre-Dame des Pommiers and the superb residences.

Beaucaire is also worth the detour by its splendid mansions and beautiful residences and their inner courtyards, the Hôtel de Boschet called "Hôtel de Boschet de la Préfecture", the Hôtel de Clausonnette, already mentioned, the Hôtel Domergue, those of Fermineau, Linage, Margallier, Roys de Lédignan, Dulong... You have to take your time, stroll around to enjoy it.

One could not leave Beaucaire without visiting its medieval castle, which was originally the residence of the Counts of Toulouse, Lords of Beaucaire and Languedoc.

Despite numerous assaults such as the siege of 1216, during the Albigensian Crusade, the fortress still preserves beautiful vestiges.

Installed in the heart of an exceptional 15th century residence, the House of Tourism and Heritage offers you an immersion in the history and evolution of the City of Beaucaire through a permanent exhibition, mixing films, models, scents space...

You should also visit the Mas des Tourelles, an authentic Gallo-Roman cellar, where three wines are made according to original recipes...

Without forgetting the Auguste Jacquet Museum of History and Archaeology which allows you to discover the rich historical past of Beaucaire, the College of Doctrinaires and the Chapel Notre-Dame de Vie.

The Vieux Mas,, halfway between the museum and the amusement park, offers the opportunity to meet again in the 19th century.

Finally, it is necessary to visit the troglodytic abbey of Saint-Roman, unique in Western Europe.



Beaucaire Tourist Office

8 Victor-Hugo Street,

30300 Beaucaire



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