he Castle of Cas and its rich history

Located between Bruniquel and Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, the Cas Castle of the XIIIth century is a place full of History.

Open to visitors, it offers a guided tour of about an hour during which you will appreciate the charm of the 15 rooms of the castle, including the Justice Room, the Archive Room, the Guest Room, the rooms in the style of Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Empire and Napoleon, the chapel, the Wedding Room and the Exhibition Room, which is a former stable.

In addition to the stylish furniture, you will also be able to enter the parish church which is also a castral church where the ancestors are buried and observe a remarkable dovecote.

Finally your passage will allow you to visit the French gardens and find the 3 fountains...


A rich history
Built in the IXth century on a site occupied by the Gallo-Romans, it became a Templar commandery in the XIIIth century, reworked in the XIVth century and then in the XVIIth century, it was badly damaged during the Revolution, then restored at the end of the XIXth century and again damaged during the Second World War. It was restored again in the 1980s and registered as a Historic Monument in 1984.

This remarkable castle keeps the memory of the past centuries and many illustrious characters: the Knights of the Order of Malta, the head of the stud farms under Napoleon I, Jehan-Albert de Lastic, the man who inspired the little Charles of the "Good little devil" of the Comtesse de Ségur of whom he was the nephew...


At the foot of the castle, 6 gîtes of traditional architecture are available for overnight or weekly stays.

Two rooms are also available for receptions, seminars, etc.



Castle of Cas
82160 Espinas
Tel : 05 63 67 07 40





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