Au Petit Brasseur is on track and in the right car...

"Au Petit Brasseur" is at the same time a beer cellar, a bar, a restaurant and offers an unusual accommodation.

The cellar, first of all, allows you to discover many beers. There are 250 beers referenced, as well as the first local beer... the "Bièressuiraise".

The establishment also offers 40 seats in the dining room.

But the must is an accommodation with catering in a quite unusual site, an authentic sleeper car SNCF of the 70s.

You will have the possibility to spend the night in one of the 18 cabins with 2 individual beds, to eat in the restaurant car and to benefit, inside the main building, from a shower and PMR room.



Au Petit Brasseur

54, boulevard du Maréchal Foch,

79300 Bressuire

Tel : 05 49 65 00 75 & 06 26 19 54 72


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