The Black Madonna of Saint-Guiraud

Today, the chapel of Saint-Guiraud in the Hérault is a major pilgrimage site, along with Notre-Dame de Gignac and Notre-Dame de la Garrigue in Lagamas.
Carved from a dark olive tree trunk, the Black Madonna was discovered, according to legend, by a shepherd well before the 10th century, as recounted in the annals of Saint-Fulcran in Lodève.
The shepherd hid his discovery in his closet, which then disappeared.
He is said to have found it again at the site of his first discovery.
The chapel was built in 1491 and named "Notre-Dame Joie et Consolation" by Seigneur Anglesiam IV de Lauzières.
It was not called Vierge-Noire until the 17th century.


34725 Saint-Guiraud


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