The Villa of the painters

Montricoux, an old medieval town, has an amazing museum in its center called "La villa des peintres", a must for art lovers.

In an old house, Diego Lara, a native of the region, founded this museum which offers a very wide range of the cultural richness of the region.

More than 120 paintings, about twenty sculptures are exposed, paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, lithographs...

The visitors will be able to admire the works of A. Abbal, L. Andrieu, G. Artemoff, H. Bergère, J. Bernard, A. Bourdelle, Y. Brayer, Cyprien Calmon, A. Calastrini, Lucien Cadène, J. Chalanda, L. Cazottes, Ferdinand David, L. Delancray, F. Desnoyer, E.Domergue-Lagarde, R.Espinasse, R. Gaillard-Lala, JG. Goulinat, Marcel-Lenoir, R. Limouse, H. Marre, Louis Oury, H. Ramey, V. Prax, O. Zadkine, and a portrait of Ingres by Luigi Calamatta ....

A space is also devoted to contemporary artists such as D. Almayrac, M. Battle, M. Dautry, J. Feldman, Jo Kugler, Gaston Louis Marchal, Rémy Peyranne.



Villa des Peintres

3, rue de la Mission,

82800 Montricoux

Tel : -




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