Ansouis, a hilltop village that breathes history, made in China...

Perched on its rock, Ansouis, a Luberon village steeped in history, is one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Walking through the narrow streets of the fortress-village is to find traces of a habitat dating from the Gallo-Roman period.
Among the monuments to see is first of all the Renaissance castle, saved from abandonment in the 1930s by rich antique enthusiasts.
Originally a military fortress was built to control the Vallée d'Aigues. Then transformations in the 12th and 13th centuries and numerous additions, including an elegant facade, softened its rigour.
A private castle, it can be visited guided by the owners.
Going down into the village, you will find the church of Saint-Martin, also a listed monument. The relics of Count Elzéar de Sabran and his wife Delphine the Blessed, who ruled the fortress in its hour of glory in the 14th century, are preserved there.
A pilgrimage is dedicated to them every year, in September...
Also worth seeing are the Extraordinary Museum, the work of Georges Mazoyer, painter and scuba diver, and the Museum of Vines and Wine.


Ansouis is such a unique village that a wealthy Chinese developer decided to build a replica of the village in the province of Zhechang.


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Le Chateau d'Ansouis. Vaucluse

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