The retractable sex of Herakles

Located in Arcachon's Parc Mauresque, the statue of Heracles measures 3.20 meters and weighs over two tons.

It is the work of Claude Bouscau, an illustrious Arcachon sculptor.

This Hercules is depicted after his triumph over the Nemean lion, the first of his mythical twelve labors. Installed here on August 28, 1948, he has watched over Arcachon for 75 years, symbolizing the Resistance against German occupation during the Second World War.

Regularly, the most virile attribute of the ancient Greek hero is stolen, and the town of Arcachon decided to have a removable "zizi" fashioned.
From now on, it will only be replaced on special occasions!
Today, the penis of the son of Zeus can be screwed on and off on request.
As the statue was erected in 1948, the sculptor could not have imagined that such pilfering would occur on a regular basis.
However, from the outset, associations took offence at the size of the son of Zeus' sex, forcing the artist to shorten it.
Today, it should only be restored to its original appearance on special occasions.
The prosthesis was custom-made by the technical services of Arcachon town hall. It is screwed on for each official ceremony.

The rest of the time, Heracles' sex will be kept in an undisclosed location.

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