The organs of nature

The organs of Ille-sur-Têt are fairy chimneys located on a geological and touristic site of the commune of Ille sur Têt.what one names "the organs of Ille" is a natural site made of cliffs of not very high ground whose characteristic is to have been sculpted mainly by the bad weather. It is located on the left bank of the Têt at the level of Ile sur Têt, between the old monastery of Regleilles and the old hamlet of Casenoves. Some of these cliffs are steep, others are less so. They regularly measure from 10 to 12m. There is even a rock abandoned from the others, isolated near the center of a cirque. These isolated peaks are called "demoiselles coiffées", or "chimney of fairies", because of the hard upper part that covers them. There are also the organ pipes, on the side. These cliffs were sculpted by the wind, but other factors came into play to achieve this result: erosion, water flowing from the plateau above to the Têt, the nearby coastal river, and the sun, which burned the clay soil mixed with the crumbly rocks and which gives the horizontal lines of color that we sometimes see. In recent years the site has been transformed into a regional tourist attraction. It attracts many visitors each year who discover the natural Mediterranean area.


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