The "Petetas" of Murviel-lès-Béziers

In the heart of the vineyards, every summer, near Béziers, the medieval village of Murviel-lès-Béziers welcomes rag dolls that bring to life characters from the past.
These dolls, the "Petetas" or "dolls" in Occitan, represent the trades and characters of the village.
In 1997, a group of Murvielloises invented and made rag and straw characters that bring to life trades, scenes of daily life from the first half of the 20th century and village personalities such as the mayor, the butcher, the municipal band, the teacher and his class and others.
Thus, each year, the "Petetaïras", affectionate diminutives given to the ladies who create these dolls, propose new pictures and allow us to rediscover a time when life was punctuated by the work of the vineyard: from the "poudaïre" to the "vendemiaïra", from the chatelaine to the washerwoman, from the "martelet" to the "pissadou".
Between July 14 and August 15, a "passejada" of relatives with dancers and musicians allows you to follow slices of daily life, to celebrate and to discover the wines of the region with the wine producers.


For all information,
Tourist Office of the Pechs
Tel : 04 67 35 90 07



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